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Transformers also provide an extremely useful feature called isolation, which is the ability to couple one circuit to another without the use of direct wire connections. There are applications where electrical isolation is needed between two AC circuit without any transformation of voltage or current levels. In these instances, transformers called isolation transformers having 1:1 transformation ratios are used.

Our Isolation Transformers isolate the equipments from noisy power line hence providing a better option to clients. These remove power line noise, surges, spikes and transients. It also provides high insulation resistance and provides complete electromagnetic and electrostatic shielding.

Our range of Isolation Transformers are designed as per the guidelines of ISO 2026 which gives an assurance to the customer on the high quality of the product. An isolation transformer does not have a direct electrical path from the power input side to the power output side. The term is also used to define how much electrical isolation exists between the input and output windings. For example when using line-voltage input transformers to power low voltage device handled by humans, a high degree of isolation is required for safety. Isolated transformers often use separate bobbins for the primary and secondary coil windings, but usually the windings are just wound on top of each other with insulation in between. There is usually an electrostatic shield between windings which is tied to transformer case.

Isolation Transformer Specifications

Parameter Single Phase Unit
Phase Single Phase
Input Voltage 220 Volts
Transformer Ratio 1:1
Power Factor 0.75 Lag to lead
Frequency 50Hz
VI Electric strength 1500 V AC for 120 sec.
Insulation esistance More Than 100M Ohms.
Capacitance Coupling 0.01 PF 100 db
Common Mode attenuation 100 db
Class Of Insulation Class 'F'
Losses 5%
Ambient emperature 0-50o C
Duty Cycle Continuous
Lamination Cargo
Construction as per IS :2026

Neutral Transformers Specifications

Parameter Three Phase Unit
Phase Three Phase
Input voltage 415 Volts
Output Voltage 415 Volts
Systems Construction Delta / Star
Transformer Ratio 1:1
Regulation Better Than 4%
Power Factor 0.75 Log to lead
Frequency 50 Hz
VI Electric strength 2500 V AC for 120 sec.
Insulation Resistance More Than 1000M Ohms.
Capacitance Coupling 0.01 PF 100 b.b
Common Mode attenuation 100 d.b
Class Of Insulation Class 'F'

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